Friday, February 9, 2018

Audio, Microphones & Survey Project

Group Chapter Review: Review Ch. 6 in Textbook - learn the different types of Microphones, Sound Pick Up Patterns and types of sound equipment. Kuhn asks you questions about it before you can start on next video.

Student Quiz: Go to
Review Flashcards and take test on your phone - show Kuhn your score. 

Video Assignment: Produce a Survey in your new group. Decide on a Topic / Question that you will ask students (School appropriate) Have a back up topic. 

Select a Producer:  Email Group names and Survey Question and classes you want to visit to AND Email the teacher first. Secure their permission on your film pass. 

You may only film OUTSIDE of the lab with Kuhn's approval - i.e. how you behave INSIDE the lab. You may only take a crew of THREE at a time: Reporter, Audio, Camera. 

You must capture interviews using an external microphone only NOT A BUILT IN MIC. 

Edit your Survey Package:
Reporter Intro
Title with graphics / photos replating to topic
Cut it down to answers only
Instrumental Music low underneath
2:00 or less

Film week starts Mon Feb 12 - Fri 16th. 
Project Due Feb 28th. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

1st Video Project

Assignment: plan, write, film and edit a video Ad for an original Wheeler Product. Your demographic is the typical Wheeler student. 

Pre-Production: Think of a product that could help a Wheeler student. Give it a name, a benefit, and a price. Then start planning scenes that illustrate both the need and show the benefit of the product. Write a TREATMENT for the video - a short summary of the video - no dialogue or camera shots needed

Write a two-column SCRIPT - one VIDEO side and one AUDIO side. List the Camera Shot descriptions you learned in your Equipment Lab to describe shots you plan to capture and add dialogue & sound effects to the Audio side of the Script. 

Last, study and complete the "On Location" film Study Guide that reviews detailed campus filming rules. 

Production: Begin filming multiple takes of each shot and multiple angles of your scenes. All scenes to be captured and re-shot if needed by Monday Feb 5th. EVERY DAY - Copy your files from the SD Card into a new Mac Folder with the date. 

Post-Production: Editing - start exploring Adobe Premiere Pro on your own. Start new project - import your files. Training session in class Tuesday Jan 30. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Monday, December 4, 2017

It's "Wildcat TV" Time...

Intro Classes: It's your turn to produce your own "Wildcat TV" Show. You need a job and a segment group. Here is the show rundown:

Each Segment must be UNDER two minutes long:
Opener (Skit or Music Video)
Hosts (male & female to Introduce Sports, News, Survey)
Girls Sport (Basketball)
Boys Sport (Basketball)
News Story
Closer ( Skit or Music Video)

Email with your job assignment & content ideas 

All segments DUE THURSDAY DEC 14th! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's Studio Newscast Week!

You're trained now :) 

Pick a day and time to go LIVE with your newscast by Tuesday Dec. 5. Mrs. Kuhn will not be in the control room. Let her know when to watch from our classroom. 

Last: Initial next to your Job / Name on your team's Job list (taped to the Control Room's white board) so you can receive your Lab Grade for this Live News experience. Well done!