Monday, May 14, 2018


Final Exam 3rd, 4th TUES May 15
Final Exam 1st, 2nd - WED May 16
Note: Your Wildcat TV Job must be completed by then also

All AVTF Students... 
WCTV Segments Due Exported to H.264  Thursday May 17 
Wildcat TV Shows DUE Friday May 18

All Other Final Exams
TUE 1, 2
WED 3, 4

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Intro to AVTF Students, It's "Wildcat TV" Time...

Wildcat TV” is an all student produced school community TV show in its 21st Season
Our Brand: Positive focus on school event & sports and student voices with a short film & music video opener
All content.. songs, video, & humor is school & workplace-appropriate* clean, TV-G viewing for all

*CONTENT RULES: No References to race, sexual identity or activity, alcohol, drugs, weapons, criminality, violence, bodily waste or output, state of undress, lewd dancing or gestures
Student Performance Standard = Your Grade

Students will collaborate effectively in group media production.
a. Exercise leadership on behalf of the common good over a collaborative experience by utilizing the strengths of each individual in a group production.
b. Work collaboratively to produce and direct location and/or studio segments.
c. Collaborate to complete post-production tasks (graphics, audio & video editing). 

Essential Question: What skills can you demonstrate in your job assignment to result in a creative, high-quality segment?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Short Film Genre

DUE FRIDAY MAY 4th: The Short Film project requires you to prove your understanding of 2 concepts:

A. Story Arc. You need to develop
1. Characters
2. Plot / Situation / Conflict
3. Resolution 

B. Triangle Coverage. You need to film each character interaction scene (dialogue) as
1. Two Shot of Both in conversation
2. OSS / Close of Actor A speaking
3. OSS / Close of Actor B speaking
NOTE: Don't take 2 cameras - keep scene short; film thrice

Required before filming:
Treatment - Summary of story arc with Character Names and plot explained
Scene List - each scene location and short description of scene 
Film Pass - already created on my desk

Suggested before you film: 
SCRIPT - Camera shots and Dialogue 
- type it out at home; print here at school

5 minutes max length; School Appropriate Content - see Kuhn for questions
Royalty free music: 
Sound Effects:
Fight scenes are allowed; BE SAFE and learn how: Film Riot Fight Scene training page
NO FAKE WEAPONS allowed on campus

About Continuity: ACTORS, bring your main outfit to school in a bag so you can wear it multiple days. Also - be here every day or your team will struggle. 
Directors: Get your actors to re-perform scenes so camera op can get 3 angles.

Avoid the Adobe red screen: copy ALL clips to a NEW folder DAILY. 
Export to H.264

Friday, April 13, 2018

Help with your Anchor Newscast Script

It should look like:

Anchor 1: Good Morning and Welcome to [SHOW NAME], I’m [NAME]…
Anchor 2: ..where we always bring you news about Wheeler sports and activities. I’m [NAME]
Anchor 1:[say a fact about the first segment] Our Reporter [NAME] has more… take a look…
Anchor 2: [say a fact about the second segment] Our Reporter [NAME] has the full story...
Anchor 1: Well, that’s our show. You can always get the latest school News on Twitter at Wheeler Underscore High dot com.  I’m [NAME]… 
Anchor 2: … and I’m [NAME]. Thank you for joining us on [SHOW NAME] Have a great day Wildcats!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Studio Newscast

You should have completed editing your field news package. Next you learn how to incorporate your news package into a newscast show. 

First, you must learn vocab and concepts. You and ONE partner get a textbook. 

Classwork ASSIGNMENT 1: complete Chapter 16 and 22 Packet

Your team will be joined with additional team(s) to be trained on Studio & Control room equipment jobs. There are 3 Show groups for the whole class. Each group should have 10-12 people. 

Kuhn will train 1 group per day.  Each group will have 2 Anchors, 3 Camera operators, a Teleprompter, Title manager, Tech Director, Playback Operator, Audio Director, and Show Producer. 

Classwork ASSIGNMENT 2: Plan your Show Script. Download a Live Newscast Format Script to see the rundown. Anchors - type your script using the Windows software "Notepad" and copy it to a flash drive. Give it to your Teleprompter operator before your Practice time.  

LAB GRADE: Your show will broadcast to a LIVE audience. Everyone will be able to see mistakes. So, be professional and LISTEN during that 1 day of training. Shows will also be recorded. 

Practice Time: The block is divided in half during Show Week April 16-20. Your team will have additional chances to practice if you SIGN UP in advance. 

ATTN Seniors who have Senior Project: I recommend you work in the same group. Your show will be completed the WED BEFORE Senior Project so you can spend Thursday focused on your presentation. You are all encouraged to practice with each other in our classroom on Thursday. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

News Project


1. Find your Wheeler Story - it could be any activity, club, event or sport
2. Complete a news worksheet - include names of people you would like to interview
3. Perform 1 job - Camera, Reporter, Producer, Audio/ Lighting Director, Editor
4. Film A Roll - Interviews
5. Film B Roll - Action shots
6. Write Reporter Script
7. Film Reporter Lead (introduction facts) and V/O (voiceover fact) and Closing (Sign off)
8. Edit together in the A/B Roll Style - see Kuhn for instructions 
9. Add Low 3rd titles under interviews, music, transitions

2:00 Feature News Package Due Tuesday April 10

Studio Newscast Assignment...
Team up with ONE other group in your Block (it takes 10 students to create a news show) 
Copy your 2 news package .mp4s to a flash drive
Schedule Studio & Control training session w/Kuhn 
Practice a show with 2 anchors, 3 camera ops, Producer and control room staff
LIVE News Show performance will be on one of three days:  
Wed April 18
Thurs April 19
Friday April 20 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lighting Lab

Television Lighting involves learning how to safely set up and control specific lighting instruments to provide a quality video shot. Here are some of the terms and concepts you will be expected to know: 

Spot light / Hard Light / Key Light
Soft Light / Fill light
Back Light
Dimmer Board
Barn Doors
Florescent light vs. Incandescent light
The Kelvin Color Temperature Scale
How to set up 3-Point lighting on your subject

Classwork Assignment: 
Gather four people you're sitting next to in class get textbook, split up the Ch. 15 packet and complete it before moving to the lab. 

Lab Assignment: Review the slideshow and complete the following activities here: 
 Lighting Review and Exercise

QUIZ: On your phone, by yourself, review flashcards and complete the Test here:

LAB Activities DUE BY FRIDAY Mar. 1st - Quizlet DUE Tuesday Mar. 5th

Next video project: The Music Video