Tuesday, January 22, 2019

1st Video Production Assignment

Welcome to your first Video Assignment - which is a short Ad for a fictional product or service. 

NOTE: Deadline may change due to teacher evaluation of class progress 

Pre-Production - Treatment, Script, Proposal - DUE THURS Jan 24

Group: Complete your "On Location" Exercise Here:

Production - Scenes Filmed & Re-filmed - DUE WED Jan 30 

Post Production - Editing clips in order, Add music and titles 


Monday, January 7, 2019

Welcome to Audio Video Tech and Film

Happy New Year and welcome to AVTF and Broadcast Video Applications... here's what we're doing:

1) Getting to know Supervisor and co-workers :)
2) Training on AVTF Workflow Procedure

Be sure to: 
Review and sign the Syllabus Agreement
Sign up via Kuhn's Mrs K's REMIND  

Now, let's get to work making videos for our Wheeler High School community...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Multi-Segment TV Show Product

Each student must sign up for one job for one segment. The segments that are produced will be pulled together and introduced by student hosts that will form a television show... 
'Wildcat TV'.

The show contains the following segments: 

Opening Skit
Sports Package
Feature Package
Hall Survey
Closing Skit

SIGN UP for a your job on the WCTV Grid shown on the smart board each day in class. See Ms. Kuhn for questions. 

ALL SEGMENTS DUE FRIDAY Dec 14 except for Shop With a Wildcat - Due Monday Dec 17

Shows Due by MONDAY Dec 17th

Monday, November 5, 2018

Short Film Narrative

It's the Short Film Project! This provides you with an opportunity to tell a story - fictional or a
re-enactment of true story - with actors, scenes, cinematography, and editing to showcase your short story. 

Think of movies with stories that have inspired you - maybe with simple scenes that do not require tons of expensive effects - and let that be your guide. 

What's needed to achieve filmmaker status + enough points to score an A:
Multi Angle Filming or 'Triangle' Camera Coverage 
Use of Cinematic Style Shots - Look Below
the Talent - aka Actors
a Crew consisting of Camera Ops, Audio, Lighting, Director, and Editor
a Genre - a style of storytelling like Comedy, Drama, Action, Suspense
a Story Arc that has a definitive Beginning, a Conflict, and a Resolution

The film can be 5:00 or less

Rules: school appropriate content only - Look Below 

Project Proposal Due WED Nov 7: Click here 
All Shots captured by Wed Nov 28
Edited Film Due Thurs Nov 29

Be demanding about your shots, copy all your files to your Mac, and have fun! 
See Kuhn for questions or issues.