Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Block 2 & 3 Final Exam Study Guide

Click here for Final Exam Study Guide

B4 WCTV Junior Final Exam

WCTV Juniors FINAL EXAM:               
You and one partner film a video Wildcat Code Style…

Coach future Wildcat TV students in a “how-to” video about creating content for Wildcat TV
Give them a tip on each of the following areas:

1- Technical (use of equipment or software)
2- Creative (scripting, performing, & directing skits)
3- Social (meeting, communicating and working with others)

Camera work must be perfect: Focused. Correct Rule of Thirds. Good lighting. High quality sound. (using the built-in mic, standard overhead lights or not using a tripod = BAD)

Add at least 2 samples of your work - video examples from WCTV
Add a fun title & instrumental music. Edit: Keep it under 2 minutes
Upload to your Google acct. Share link to

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Block 1 Jr Final Exam Due Wed May 22

Block 1 Final Exam – Spring 2019 
60 – 90 second Video Production Task Training Video
Purpose: Too often, students don’t ‘hear’ the teacher teaching them in video class.  The idea here is, maybe they’ll listen and respect someone their own age and it will make a real difference for their future work.

Assignment Breakdown… with 1 partner: Pick one video task in the list below and create a SHORT ‘how-to’ in a technical area of video production.

-1 task re: Camera work, Framing, Camera Movement, Lenses, Rack Focus
-1 task re: Audio, Microphone use, Music equalization in editing
-1 task re: Lighting, Exposure, Iris control
-1 task Editing Basics in Premiere Pro, Rendering, Exporting
-1 task using Premiere Pro Titles (how to make rolling credits, etc)
-1 task using After Effects (keep it basic)
- Using the DJI Spark Drone (only those who are already trained and have prior experience)

Requirements:  Under 2:00 in length
Proper Camera Work; Show visual examples on camera and Screenshot or Screen Record
Title your steps on screen, Add your 2 names (only 2 people allowed per video)
And use royalty free music  - equalize it under the voices properly  - Due by Wed May 22

Friday, May 10, 2019

It's "Wildcat TV" time...

Block 2 & 3 classes - your last video lab is to produce a "Wildcat TV" show. You will add your name to Kuhn's WCTV classroom grid to produce, film & edit the following segments in teams: 

an Opening Skit (it's ok to adapt one the short film skits but it must be cut down to 2:30). 
a Sport News Package
a Feature News Package 
Hall Survey
All segments must be between 1:30 and 2 mins each, include interviews with correct sound, copyrighted checked OR royalty free instrumental music underneath, and fade-out at the end.  SEGMENTS DUE FRIDAY MAY 17
You also need:
2 Hosts to introduce each segment on camera (See Ms. K to audition) 
2 Producers to pull all of the segments together to create the show sequence. 

***SENIORS must show work by TUES MAY 14 (3rd / 4th)  WED May 15 (1st / 2nd) 

See Mrs. Kuhn for questions.  Take pride in your reporting, camera & editing work...
All classes will see your Wildcat TV shows and get to vote for their fave on Twitter the last week of school. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

BVP Block 1 Short Film Collaboration

Our Block 1 Broadcast Video Lab students will collaborate on short film narrative with Ms. Day's Theater students. 

Our students will be not only writing for short film but also pitching their ideas in meetings and learning to direct stage-trained actors - who will simultaneously receive training on acting for the screen. 

All actors will have a job as all films are challenged with incorporating 1 scene requiring multiple extras.  

March 26-29: Pre-Production begins
April 8th: Film Treatment Due

April 10th: Pitch Meeting, Casting Requirement Review, Team Building Game - PAC
April 12th: Send audition scripts to actors 

April 15th-30th Production

FILMS DUE May 13th

Film Screening - PAC Date TBA